112 Policies and Procedures Ready to Use - Best Practices in IT Policies and Procedures Toolkit

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Implement the policies and procedures you need.

This toolkit has been updated and renewed based on the latest research and trends.

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The Popular, One-Stop-Shop for IT Policies and Procedures Best Practices:


Every organization should be looking to improve their understanding of policies and procedures and to acknowledge the importance of implementing good practices and perfecting the structure and overall quality of their organizations. 

The revolutionary Best Practices in IT Policies and Procedures Toolkitprovides a guaranteed solution to create and implement IT policies and procedures designed to enhance the performance of your organization’s  IT services. 

Put this expanded edition in your IT library and have 112 templates to help you create customized policies, guidelines, tools, and forms that are relevant, accessible, and usable.

Whether you're creating policies for management, training, personnel, support, privacy, Internet/e-mail usage, security, or inventory, you'll meet the needs of your entire enterprise with this one download!

Now it's simple and quick to implement the policies and procedures you need!

No matter what size your organization, policies are the backbone of your operation and without them conflict -- even chaos -- will result. And with it, your job as a manager becomes increasingly more difficult and stressful.

Put the Policies and Procedures Toolkit in your IT library and have 112 policies and procedures, to help you create customized policies, guidelines, tools, and forms that are relevant, accessible, and usable.

Create the essential policies, guidelines, tools, and forms you need on topics such as:

  • Values, Vision, and Mission Statements
  • Recruitment, Training, and Development
  • Information Security
  • Data Retention
  • Email and Internet Usage Policies
  • Instant Messaging Policies
  • Change Management
  • Managing Risk
  • Tuition, travel, and expense reimbursements 
  • and much more...


The Best Practices in IT Policies and Procedures Toolkit contains presentations, templates, and essential resources:

Presentations can be used to educate, as the basis for management presentations, or when making business cases for IT policies and procedures implementation.

112 Policies and Procedures Ready to Use - Best Practices in IT Policies and Procedures Toolkit



Supporting documents and assessments that will help you identify the areas within your organization that require the most activity in terms of change and improvement.

112 Policies and Procedures Ready to Use - Best Practices in IT Policies and Procedures Toolkit



The additional information will enable you to improve your organizations methodology knowledgebase.

 112 Policies and Procedures Ready to Use - Best Practices in IT Policies and Procedures Toolkit




A Quick Look Inside—This First-Class Toolkit Contains:

Folder 1: Policies General—this introductory information starts with the basics: 10 easy to follow rules for creating a policy. 

  • Creating Policies
  • Values, Vision, and Mission Statements


Folder 2: Recruitment, Training, and Development—this folder is packed full of resources that help and guide you through creating/implementing/improving policies within your organization.

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  •  Develop your leadership skills
  • Example— Performance Management: Performance Development Plan Format
  • Internal Job Application for Job
  • Job Candidate Evaluation
  • Managing Change Effectively
  • Mapping Responsibilities
  • Motivation
  • Myths and Realities of Virtual Teams
  • Organizational Behavior Survey
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Performance Management Process Checklist
  • Presentation—Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • Presentation—Managing Change
  • Top-grading
  • Virtual Teams—A New Model
  • Roles and Responsibilities for ITIL®
  • Mapping Responsibilities
  • CSI Roles and Responsibilities
  • Organizing for Service Design—Roles and Responsibilities
  • SLM Process Manager
  • Availability Manager
  • Demand and Capacity Manager
  • ITSCM—Roles and Responsibilities
  • ITSCM Process Manager
  • Security Management—Roles and Responsibilities
  • Security Manager
  • Service Catalog Manager
  • Service Level Manager
  • Supplier Management—Roles and Responsibilities
  • Supplier Manager
  • Event, Access, Request Fulfillment Team
  • Incident Manager
  • Problem Management Roles and Responsibilities
  • Problem Manager
  • Service Desk—Roles and Responsibilities
  • Service Desk
  • Sourcing—Roles and Responsibilities
  • Demand and Capacity Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Change Management Roles and Responsibilities
  • Change Manager
  • CMDB Roles and Responsibilities
  • Knowledge Manager
  • Organization of Service Transition
  • Planning and Support Team
  • Release and Deployment Manager
  • Service Asset and Configuration Managers


Folder 3: Information Security—this folder specifically relates to the policies around Information Security Management and the corresponding policies.

  • Communication Plan
  • Example Information Security Policy
  • Implementation Plan: Project Plan
  • Objectives and Goals
  • Policies, Objectives, Scope
  • Reports, KPIs, Other Metrics
  • Security Audit Template
  • Security Incident Template
  • Security Management Review Document
  • Security Management—Roles and Responsibilities
  • Security Process Manager Document
  • Security Service Requirement


Folder 4: Data Retention Policies—this folder gives concise and complete advice for creating a data retention policy.

  • Example—University of Massachusetts—Records Mgmt Data Retention Standards
  • Example—Adams State College Data Handling and Storage Policy
  • Guidelines for Building an Electronic Data Retention Policy


Folder 5: Email and Internet Usage Policies—this folder has stacks of helpful advice on creating policies for email and Internet usage

  • Email and Internet Usage—how to draft the policy
  • EXAMPLE—AITP Model Electronic Mail (E-mail) Policy
  • EXAMPLE— Electronic-Mail and Voicemail Use Guidelines
  • EXAMPLE—Notre Dame Australia Policy—Email and Internet Usage
  • Finance and Administration Agency Guide to Best Practice—Email and   Internet Usage
  • Workplace e-mail and Internet use— employees and employers beware


Folder 6: Instant Messaging Policies—this information is specifically focused on instant messaging and accompanying security considerations, such as viruses, etc.

  • EXAMPLE Instant Messaging Policy
  • EXAMPLE TEMPLATE—Instant Messaging Use Policy
  • IM Viruses and Security
  • Thirty-Two Instant Messaging Rules—Best Practices to keep you in business and out of court


Folder 7: Change Management—this folder focuses on change management and, once again, has been designed in accordance with the process found within the ITIL® framework. 

  • Business Justification Document
  • CAB Meeting Minutes
  • Category Definition
  • Change Management ITIL® Presentation
  • Change Schedule Template
  • CHG Review Document
  • Communication Plan
  • Example Contents of Change Documentation
  • Example Request for Change Workflow
  • Implementation Plan: Project Plan
  • Policies, Objectives, Scope
  • Reports, KPIs, Other Metrics


Folder 8: Managing Risk—this information focuses on risk management for Information Technology, specifically continuity management.

  • Business Continuity Strategy
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Checklist on Assignment of Risk Ownership
  • Communication Plan
  • Conducting a Risk Management Review
  • E-Mail Text
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Generic Project Risk Assessment
  • IT Risk Assessment Planning
  • IT Risk Assessment Score Sheet
  • Management of Risk Framework M_O_R
  • Reciprocal Arrangements
  • Risk Assessment and Control Form
  • Risk Assessment Questionnaire
  • Risk Management—PRINCE2
  • Risk Management—Project Management
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Salvage Plan Template
  • Typical Contents of a Recovery Plan


Folder 9: Travel and Expenses—the final folder concentrates on building policies for staff expenses andallows you to assess whether your current expenses policy measures up.

  • A Guide to Expense Policies (UK FORMAT)
  • Example Copy of Employee Reimbursement Form
  • Example Expenses Policy—Staffordshire University
  • Travel and Expense Policy Audit Program

(Also contains Toolkit Roadmap)


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