Service Desk Process Kit

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The process of Service Desk Management is essential for day-to-day operations as it is usually the single point of contact for most of the organization's IT needs. Organizations look to the service desk for a wide variety of activities including:

  • Basic support of computing, telecommunications, and a/v services
  • Provider of necessary forms for repairs, account access, etc.
  • Provider of FAQs, manuals, and tutorials to empower users to troubleshoot their own problems
  • Deliver equipment and repair services

This innovative toolkit promises to provide you with a head start for both learning and implementation of a well-managed IT services organization. Its goal is to ensure the accessibility and availability of your organization and the implementation of supporting activities.


Diminish your Service Desk anxieties!



The Service Desk Process Toolkit contains templates, presentations, and essential resources:

The carefully created Power Point Presentations can be used to educate, as the basis for management presentations, or when making business cases for implementation.



The supporting documents provided within this toolkit will help you identify the areas within your organization that require the most activity in terms of change and improvement.



Additional information and bonus material containing success secrets to embedding Service Desk Process into any organization are provided and will enable you to vastly increase your success rate.




A Quick Look Inside—This Superior Toolkit contains:

•   Toolkit Introduction Presentation—this concise presentation gives a great introduction to the toolkit

•   Service Desk ITIL® Presentation

•   Service Desk—Roles and Responsibilities

•   Service Desk Review Document

•   Service Desk Technology

•   Outsourcing Contract Template

•   Example Service Desk Project Plan

•   Service Desk—Metrics

•   Communication Plan

•   Business Flyers

•   ITIL® Incident Management Process Flow Diagram

•   Service Desk—Objectives and Goals

•   Policies, Objectives, and Scope

•   Implementation Plan and Project Plan

•   Business Justification Document

 (Also Includes Toolkit Roadmap)


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