Business Continuity Risk Analysis and Testing Kit

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How long would your business survive an interruption?

This comprehensive guide tells you why you need a plan and then will help you put one together, including fully updated, detailed glossary and additional examples. Clearly split into useful sections, the toolkit is easy to navigate and a must have resource for your organization!

With contributions from leading practitioners in the industry, the Business Continuity Risk Analysis and Testing Kit has established itself as an invaluable resource for anyone involved in or looking to gain a detailed appreciation of the rapidly emerging area of business continuity and disaster recovery within the corporate environment.


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What if operations were destroyed by fire or flood, negative media drove away customers, or the company database was stolen or infected by a virus?


How well are you prepared to deal with disaster?


Can your business afford to shut down for an extended period of time…?

Be prepared with the time-tested strategies in this toolkit and protect your employees, while ensuring your company survives the unimaginable!


Learn how to cover ALL of the components required for successful Business Continuity Management with this state of the art educational resource.

This beneficial toolkit has been devised primarily for the people involved in a business continuity project, from individual team members through to the Chief Executive and Board. Each participant plays an important role and has an array of responsibilities in ensuring the success of the project and continuing validity of the plan.

Successful business continuity management relies on the expertise from within the organization; it is the people that understand the organization, its business, processes, and business risks. 

The supporting resources found within this toolkit consist of templates, example plans, strategies, and recovery options that can be used in your own organization or as a template in creating your own bespoke documentation.



Can you afford to miss out on this opportunity?


The Business Continuity Management Toolkit contains templates, assessments, and essential resources:



Supporting documents and assessments are provided that will help you identify the areas within your organization that require the most activity in terms of change and improvement.

The additional information will enable you to improve your organization’s methodology knowledgebase.




A Quick Look Inside—This One-Of-A-Kind Toolkit Contains:

1.    BCM Objectives and Goals

2.    BCM Policies, Objectives, and Scope

3.    BCM Business Justification Document

4.    BCM Example Business Impact Analysis

5.    BCM Business Impact Analysis Information Sheet

6.    BCM Risk Assessment Template

7.    BCM Environmental Architectures and Standards

8.    BCM Reciprocal Arrangements

9.    BCM Salvage Plan Template

10. BCM Business Continuity Strategy

11. BCM MOR Framework

12. BCM Risk Assessment Questionnaire

13. BCM Typical Contents of a Recovery Plan

14. BCM Communication Plan

15. BCM Email Template

16. BCM Emergency Response Plan

17. BCM Reports, KPI targets, and Additional Metrics

18. BCM Vital Records Template

19. Business and IT Flyers

20. Business Continuity Management Review Document

21. Business Continuity Management Implementation and Project Plan

22. Example Case Study—Emergency Management Australia—Economic and Financial Aspects of Disaster Recovery

23. Example Case Study California Office—Disaster Recovery Plan Document for Agencies Instructions

24. Example Case Study—Govt Western Australia—State Recovery Coordination

25. Example Case Study—Govt of South Australia—Records Management Disaster Planning Toolkit

(Also includes the Toolkit Roadmap)


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At the Art of Service, we know how important your time is for you and we also understand that nobody can substitute you in certain scenarios. That is why we give you the results without you having to do all the legwork; we do the research, the analysis, and the collating of information we find.

All you have to do is take the outcome of all that work and use it as part of your project—to make it unique to your job, project, or task at hand in a way that only you can do.


Guaranteed to deliver a focused, practical, and user-friendly approach to Business Continuity Management. Get the know-how and understanding to secure your company’s triumph!

Ensure your survival! Purchase your copy today!

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  • 5
    Great kit and handbook. Extremely helpful for developing a DR plan.

    Posted by Unknown on 29th May 2015

    I found the toolkit extremely valuable in getting a disaster recovery plan developed. The kit was very helpful in not only showing step-by-step HOW to put together our plan but also did a great job in explaining WHY something should be in the plan. It also focused on the entire business not just on technology.

  • 5
    Pleasant Overview of Business Continuity Management

    Posted by Unknown on 29th May 2015

    Reading the material presented is a breeze. This is a solid kit that covers the topics quite well.

  • 5
    Practical BCM at last!

    Posted by Unknown on 29th May 2015

    This is a thoroughly welcome addition to the business continuity material on the market. It brings a clear rational approach to a very complicated topic. Unsurprisingly the kit is written in a style that is easy to read and with very little jargon.

    The kit outlines some important lessons:

    - The Importance of business continuity management

    - Business continuity plans should be based on outcome scenarios and not causes

    - The need for an organized development/implementation

    - BCM is never complete - amendments and testing will always be required

    I would wholeheartedly recommend this kit to anyone involved in BCM or anyone thinking about creating a more secure business.