Gamification for IT Professionals

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How much would you pay for a course that teaches you the secrets behind Gamification? A thorough understanding of the game mechanics and strategies behind the future of IT? What would it be worth to you to have the edge? To receive exactly what you need to get ahead in your IT career?

Become a certified practitioner in Gamification and enhance your future IT career. Learn the secrets behind gamification in this online course.
40+ hours of instructor supported study for $245 is amazing value for money!

Are youprepared for the future of  IT?

It is estimated thatgamification will extend into all markets, or at least thosethat have websites, advertise via social media or use / marketcertain web technologies

Those that are already moving toward careers ingamification are positioning themselves to take full advantageof this scenario, and have the most to gain.  

The question is: Are you ready?

The facts:

  • Gamification is basically creating real or virtualizedincentives for users / consumers for the purpose of keepingthem engaged, loyal and sales-worthy. 
  • Gamification is not a gimmick for closing sales(although it seems to be good at it), it is a solution forbusiness owners looking to connect with consumers on a morehuman level.
  • Gamification for web deployment is growing, but it’sstill young; we are still discovering new uses for it everysingle day.  Gamification is a both an excellent way todiversify ones image and content for consumers and also generate employmentopportunities.

"My game programmers are amazed! "

I invested in this coursefor my game designers and they are very impressed with it.The entire course is very comprehensive and covers it all!
N.V, CEO Game designcompany

This elearning program is100% online and offers a unique insight into the background andbasics of gamification. Never before has a program been designedespecially for the IT Professional who is ready to take theircareer into the future!

Whywould someone want to work in gamification? 

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The real question is, whywouldn’t someone want to work in gamification? Gamification has become a big motivator for sales, and as aresult more and more companies from the mainstream (in virtuallyall fields) are getting exciting about gamification with itsability to cheaply capture consumers via social media.  

If you were to ask most social media or web-based softwaredevelopment experts about consumer trends in their respectivefields, they would no-doubt have a lot to say aboutgamification.

How much would you pay for a course that teaches youthe secrets behind Gamification? A thoroughunderstanding of the game mechanics and strategies behind thefuture of IT? What would it be worth to you to have the edge? Toreceive exactly what you need to get ahead in your IT career?

Look no further for aneffective way to improve your IT career through Gamification!

This Gamification program isexactly what you need! Based around solid game theory andacademic research it provides you with enough 'oompf' to make a mark in the gamificationindustry. The lessons are designed by educators withdecades of experience in adult learning and cover all learningstyles to ensure you absorb all knowledge at a pace that suitsyou best.

Whatyou will learn in this Gamification course:

  1. Introduction to Gamification
  2. Definitions relating to Gamification, Game Design andGame mechanics
  3. Adoption of Gamification
  4. Game Design Theory
  5. Practical application of Gamification
  6. Benefits of Gamification and Maturity of the industry
  7. Examples and case studies

Learn thesecrets behind Gamification

SystemComponent Value($)
"On demand online GamificationCourse", Contains allmaterials that are normally covered in a classroom programand covers everything you'll ever need to know to passyour Gamification Practitioner exam. All course materials,lessons, quizzes and instructor feedback that you wouldreceive in a 5-day classroom setting.$1800.00
"Instructor Support", You willhave 60 days access to our dedicated instructors, whichgives you a goldmine of leading edge Gamificationknowledge. Our instructors are fully accredited withyears of experience both in the classroom and aspractitioners in the IT industry. (value based on 1 hoursupport for six weeks).
Certification Exam, You willfinish this program not just with the knowledge you needto proceed forward into a career in Gamification, you'llalso have a certificate to show that you've completedformal education in this subject. You don't have to payfor additional certification fees - everything isincluded in this package.  $ 300.00

TotalValue For Your ENTIRE online Course


YOU PAY: $245

Your Entire Investmentfor 40+ hours of instructor supported learning PLUS acertification exam is just $245

REGISTERNOW for instant access and get ahead in your IT careerand learn the secrets behind Gamification. Complete this programand be one of the first globally to really understand whatGamification is and how to create value with it.