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The Big Data Research Collection


The Big Data Research Collection


Product Description

This Big Data Research Collection contains Tools and templates we collected during our research activities. We collated these third party documents for your convenience to help you make decisions, manage processes and implement projects. Best Practices research files and implementation documentation covering definitions, adoptions, impact, benefits and vendors.

This Big Data Research Collection consists of PDF files PLUS all files are also included in plain text format as well for ease of use.

On top of this, all the text files are easily accessible on iPad, iPod touch or iPhone - an extra ePub formatted document of all the files is included in the Big Data Research Collection.

The Art of Service seeks out the best premium tools, training and information products to help our clients optimize business technology and maximize their personal success. Check out this recommended Big Data Research Collection to see how it can improve your organizational efficiency, expand your company's bottom line and enhance your career.

This Big Data Research Collection contains third party Tools and templates that we collected and collated for you to help you make decisions, manage processes and implement projects: Best Practices research files and implementation documentation covering definitions, adoptions, impact, benefits and vendors.

This Big Data Research Collection consists of PDF files PLUS all files are also included in plain text format as well for ease of use. On top of this, all the text files are easily accessible on iPad, iPod touch or iPhone - an extra ePub formatted document of all the files is included in the Big Data kit.

The Art of Service works with our vendor partners to provide informative white papers, research materials and webcasts on a wide variety of important business technology topics. We feature these valuable IT resources in this Big Data Kit.

In this Big Data kit you'll find white papers and research on issues related to Big Data covering definitions, adoptions, impact, benefits and vendors.

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 Metadata Details of the files included in this Collection:

  • 12-mad.pdf, Microsoft PowerPoint - MAD Skills.pptx, junyang, 26/02/2010 4:39:41 AM    
  • 451_redlambda_impact_report_17_oct_2011.pdf, timm fair, 19/10/2011 5:01:40 AM    
  • 111026a-Helland-COSMOS.pdf, Pat Helland, 29/10/2011 9:54:28 AM    
  • ACCAtlantaPresentation2011.pdf, 30/07/2011 3:06:09 AM    
  • Are_you_read_for_the_era_of_big_data.pdf, 12/10/2011 6:28:05 AM    
  • Aspen-Big_Data.pdf, 16/12/2009 5:15:26 AM    
  • balazinskaaffiliates2011.pdf, perfxplain.pptx, Magdalena Balazinska, 25/10/2011 11:17:55 AM    
  • BD_ArchitecturalDescription.pdf, Microsoft Word - BD_ArchitecturalDescription.doc, Chris A Mattmann, 26/01/2011 2:35:58 AM    
  • Big Data - Working with Terabytes in SQL Server, admin, 23/11/2011 9:06:14 AM    
  • Big Data Appliances.pdf, Vision, Steve Clements, UXD Discovery, 26/07/2011 8:08:49 PM    
  • Big Data Executive Summary FINAL SEOv.pdf, Edelman, 10/11/2010 7:09:16 AM    
  • Big_Data_and_APIs_for_PHP_Developers.pdf, 25/03/2011 3:39:27 AM    
  • Big_Data_White_Paper_V7FINAL.pdf, Big_Data_White_Paper_V7[2], Matthew Connock, 02/08/2011 3:33:37 PM    
  • Big_Infrastructure_Whitepaper.pdf, 07/11/2011 6:44:32 PM    
  • Big-Data-WP-1.pdf, Yonnie Tauschek, 30/03/2011 5:51:59 AM    
  • Big-Data-WP-06-2011.pdf, IDC, 27/06/2011 10:14:21 PM    
  • Big-Data-WP.pdf, Revolution Analytics White Paper: The revoScaleR Package, Joe Rickert, 03/08/2010 5:45:17 AM    
  • bigdata_final_report_1.3.pdf, Computing Service, 04/10/2007 8:18:34 PM    
  • BigData-1.pdf, Big Data User’s Guide, Insightful Corporation, 29/03/2007 2:38:39 AM    
  • CIDR11_Paper36.pdf, 07/01/2011 3:43:53 PM    
  • CIDR11_Starfish.pdf, Starfish: A Self-tuning System for Big Data Analytics, Herodotos Herodotou, 14/01/2011 10:29:59 PM    
  • Dai.pdf, Microsoft Word - HiTune - Dataflow-Based Performance Analysis for Big Data Cloud.doc, jjdai, 27/04/2011 8:55:17 PM    
  • ds_lean_data_management_1762.pdf, 16/08/2011 7:28:41 AM    
  • edbt-tutorial.pdf, Big Data and Cloud Computing: Current State and Future Opportunities    Divyakant Agrawal, Sudipto Das, Amr El Abbadi, Big Data and Cloud Computing    21/12/2010 4:48:44 PM, Cloud computing scalable data management systems elasticity
  • ELIWEB111, admin, 23/11/2011 8:59:50 AM    
  • federal-outline-v4.pdf, umohan, 07/10/2011 9:05:23 PM    
  • gigaom_putting-big-data-to-work.pdf, Big Data 2011 Preview, Brett Sheppard, 30/03/2011 8:35:10 AM    
  • guc-2011-krugler-seeing-the-forest.pdf, Ken Krugler, 17/06/2011 3:24:41 AM    
  • gw-april11-18-26 Cover Story.pdf, 18-26.qxp, Deepak, 27/04/2011 5:17:38 PM    
  • h8668-ep-cloud-big-data-analytics.pdf, h8668.1-ep_Analytics_in_The_Cloud-060911.indd, sequel, csg11536, emc perspective, 11/06/2011 5:42:31 AM,    denise partlow
  • h8894-emc-greenplum-hd-ce-ds.pdf, h8894-EMC Greenplum HD CE Data sheet,    Sequel    Data Sheet - CSG11950,    21/09/2011 3:05:29 AM,    Paul Santos-owner
  • hertzCaseStudy.pdf, Spence, 02/11/2010 6:48:44 AM    
  • InformationWeek_BigandFast.pdf, Feature Master, 11/09/2010 6:29:04 AM    
  • Ingersoll_Lucid_Eurocon-keynote_0.pdf, ameena, 21/10/2011 2:36:35 PM    
  • JasperWorld-Session- BigDatav4.pdf, Microsoft PowerPoint - JasperWorld-Session- BigDatav4.pptx, ccamporeale, 15/02/2011 7:40:07 PM    
  • JW11_Analytics for Big Data Panel.pdf, Microsoft PowerPoint - JW11_Analytics for Big Data Panel.pptx, ccamporeale, 11/02/2011 11:19:29 PM    
  • Kozuch_Talk, admin, 23/11/2011 9:00:36 AM    
  • MADSkills-vldb09.pdf, MAD Skills New Analysis Practices for Big Data, Joe Hellerstein, 01/09/2009 8:25:01 AM    
  • MartinSchneider_DemystifyingBigDataWithRiakUseCases.pdf, GOTO_Amsterdam_Basho.pptx, Martin Schneider, 11/10/2011 9:00:13 PM    
  • mashey.pdf, /var/tmp/                
  • MassiveData.pdf, Massive Data Analytics and the Cloud: A Revolution in Intelligence Analysis, Booz Allen Hamilton, Cloud computing offers a very important approach to achieving lasting strategic advantages by rapidly adapting to complex challenges in IT management and data analytics. This paper discusses the business impact and analytic transformation opportunities of cloud computing. Moreover, it highlights the differences among two cloud architectures—Utility Clouds and Data Clouds—with illustrative examples of how Data Clouds are shaping new advances in Intelligence Analysis.    30/08/2011 12:26:18 AM    
  • metagrid_datasheet.pdf, 29/09/2011 6:07:05 AM    
  • mitacsAwardTalk.pdf, mitacsAwardTalk, Admin, 22/04/2011 3:08:51 AM    
  • newsletter09.pdf, 02/05/2009 1:04:16 PM    
  • Open Source Analytics_ Visualization and Predictive Modeling of Big Data with the R Programming Language Presentation 1, admin, 23/11/2011 7:05:49 AM    
  • oracle-big-data-523398-zhs.pdf, Big Data - Are You Ready, W Hardie, Oracle's Big Data Strategy    28/10/2011 3:34:46 AM    
  • PaulBrown.pdf, PaulBrown.ppt, Magdalena Balazinska, 07/08/2010 8:31:47 AM    
  • PLUK2011-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-big-data.pdf, matt             
  • RainStor_Big_Data_Retention_and_Cloud_Computing_Whitepaper_1.pdf, RainStor White Paper: Big Data Retention and Cloud Computing, Deirdre Mahon | Sr Director of Marketing | RainStor, 31/07/2010 8:17:35 AM    
  • reprint-understing-big-data.pdf, Understanding Big Data    Saugatuck Technology / Progress DataDirect    Big Data infrastructure review. The Cloud as a useful platform for Big Data for infrastructure and analytics for massive data crunching, 31/10/2011 5:34:36 AM,    big data cloud platform infrastructure analytics
  • Retail_ Lessons Learned from the First Data-Driven Business and Future Directions Presentation 1, admin, 23/11/2011 7:07:15 AM    
  • Rocks_Hadoop_Tutorial_20110808.pdf, Spotlight, 09/08/2011 7:43:19 AM    
  • SCG_intro, admin, 23/11/2011 7:06:40 AM    
  • starfish-cps216-sep.pdf, Starfish: A Self-tuning System for Big Data Analytics,    Herodotos Herodotou, 03/10/2011 10:20:05 AM    
  • TDWI_BPReport_Q411_Big_Data_Analytics.pdf, Big Data Analytics, Philip Russom, 13/09/2011 8:00:58 AM    big data; analytics; advanced; organization; tools; techniques; trends; vendor products; benefits; barriers; best practices; recommendations
  • Technology Challenges of Big Data.pdf, Slide 1, Carson Schmidt, 26/07/2011 10:49:04 PM    
  • TechVision2011_Report_v6_1901.pdf, 20/01/2011 1:19:31 AM    
  • The-Rise-of-Big-Data-Executive-Brief.pdf, Yonnie Tauschek, 26/08/2011 9:24:21 AM    
  • think08-4x4.pdf
  • TiMR-TR.pdf, paper.dvi, 20/07/2011 9:27:10 AM    
  • vldb09-madskills.pdf, 07/07/2009 2:43:11 AM    
  • vldb11-job-optimization-slides.pdf, Starfish: A Self-tuning System for Big Data Analytics, Herodotos Herodotou, 09/09/2011 7:58:37 AM    
  • web_data_spring.pdf, 2011CRA_DataBrochure_Final.indd, 04/05/2011 12:29:47 PM    
  • What is Hadoop.pdf, What is Hadoop, Mike Olson, Managing Big Data in the Enterprise, 21/01/2009 5:51:09 AM, Hadoop HDFS MapReduce
  • white_paper_c11-690561.pdf, Microsoft Word - white_paper_c11-690561.docpdf, ctsadmin-p.gen, 05/11/2011 1:49:22 AM    
  • wikibon-emc-q1-11-anncts-ar.pdf, EMC in the Era of Big Data and Cloud_final-forPDF, 15/01/2011 12:12:38 AM    
  • WP-DataStax-BigData.pdf, 14/10/2011 4:54:52 AM    

A quick look inside of some of the content:

  • MAD Skills: New Analysis Practices for Big Data
  • Red lambda impact report
    Red Lambda harnesses grid computing to tackle the 'big data' security problem.
    Red Lambda, headquartered in Longwood, Florida, bills itself as a massively scalable identity-aware network security software vendor for enterprise, government and service provider organizations.   Leveraging the power of its own grid-based architecture, dubbed AppIron, the company states the products developed for its platform combine the power of a virtual supercomputer, relational stream processing and artificial intelligence technologies to address 'big data' security problems.
  • Cosmos: Big Data & Big Challenges
  • Game Changers: Big Data, Consumerization & the Cloud
  • Are you ready for the era of big Data
  • The promise & Peril of Big Data
    According to a recent report, the amount of digital content on the Internet is now close to five hundred billion gigabytes. This number is expected to double within a year. Ten years ago, a single gigabyte of data seemed like a vast amount of information. Now, we commonly hear of data stored in terabytes or petabytes. Some even talk of exabytes or the yottabyte, which is a trillion terabytes or, as one website describes it, “everything that there is.”2
    The explosion of mobile networks, cloud computing and new tech- nologies has given rise to incomprehensibly large worlds of informa- tion, often described as “Big Data.”
  • Big Data Analytics
    The purpose of this document is to describe a fictitious bioinformatics research system based in part on the design and implementation of a similar system for a local Hospital. The document is divided into five parts. The initial section describes the motivation for the bioinformatics system, called “Big Data” Bioinformatics System or “BD” for short. A set of motivating requirements follows. After the set of motivating requirements, a set of proposed architectural challenges is presented. The key interactions for the system components are presented second to last, and the final section describes the intended use of the Apache OODT software system in order to meet the needs and challenges of the proposed BD system.
  • The Big Data Bioinformatics System
  • Big Data Working with Terabytes in SQL Server
  • Big Data Appliances
  • Big Data Executive Summary FINAL SEOv
  • Big Data and APIs for PHP Developers
  • Big Data White Paper V7FINAL
  • Big Infrastructure Whitepaper
  • Presentation and management strategies for exceptionally large formats
  • Big Data Analysis with revolution enterprise
  • Big Data – What it is and why you should care
  • Starfish: A self-tuning system for Big Data analytics
  • Dataflow based Performance
  • Lean Data management solutions
  • Big Data and Cloud Computing
  • A Foundation for informed change in higher education
  • Any threat, anywhere, anytime
  • Putting big data to work: opportunities for enterprises
  • Human language technology in the cloud
  • Big data, bigger opportunity
  • Big data analytics
  • Delivering enterprise ready apache
  • How big data is giving Hertz a big advantage
  • Big & Fast
  • Search big data: It’s still about the user
  • Panel: Analytics for Big Data
  • System software considerations for cloud computing on big data
  • Demystifying big data with Riak use cases
  • Big Data & the Next wave of InfraStress
  • Massive Data Analytics and the Cloud
  • Data Sheet: MetaGrid
  • Cloud Computing on Big Data
  • Open Source Analytics – Visualization and predictive modelling of big data
  • Oracle big data
  • Bag Data. Big Analytics. Big Egos
  • Big data retention and cloud computing
  • Understanding Big Data: A Management Study
  • Retail: Lessons Learned from the Original Data
  • Rocks+ Big Data Tutorial
  • The Scientific Community Game: Education and Innovation Through Survival
  • Challenges of Handling Big Data
  • The technology waves that are reshaping the business landscape
  • The Rise of Big Data
  • Big Data, Visualization, and Systems Biology
  • Temporal Analytics on Big Data for Web Advertising
  • Analysis in the Big Data Era
  • What is Hadoop
  • EMC in the Era of Big Data and Cloud
  • Big Data: Beyond the Hype



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