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At The Art of Service we know that you want to assure your company is involved in Endpoint Security Management (EDR, etc). In order to do that, you need to deploy and engineer SIEM, AV, mobile, network and endpoint security tools. The problem is how do you make sure your staff manages Endpoint Security best practices and procedures which makes you feel you have to perform Endpoint Security architecture assessments and design reviews. We believe maintaining endpoint security software for clients and servers should be easy. 

We understand you need to develop experience administering endpoint security implementation which is why our resources help implement, administer and support endpoint security software. 

Here's how we do it:
1. Develop experience bypassing endpoint security controls, Firewalls
2. Ensure strong involvement supporting endpoint security technologies
4. Solidify endpoint security technologies and solutions

So, be certain that your company is skilled in endpoint security solutions. And in the meantime, lead in the design and implementation of security configuration for endpoint devices. So you can stop only installing and managing Endpoint Security as Anti malware, EDR, and DLP solutions and instead fully manage and perform endpoint security tool rollouts and administration.



Look inside the Kanban:

Develop experience assessing Cyber Threat Fusion Center controls, techniques and tools; cryptographic controls and solutions; logging and monitoring; anti-virus; network security; data loss protection; endpoint protection; offensive security research team controls; third party information security risk controls; vulnerability; configuration; patch and access management controls.  


Benefits of the Endpoint Management Kanban 


  • What type of endpoint security tools did your organization have in place previous to next generation endpoint security product deployment?
  • How is endpoint security and encryption handled for the user or system access of data or resources?
  • How vulnerable does your organization believe your endpoint devices are to potential security threats?
  • Does your organizations approach to endpoint security include the tagging, securing and management of data that is accessed by the device, and resides on a public cloud?
  • Is your endpoint security strategy strong enough to keep threat actors from exposing data on one of devices if found?
  • Do you use the same endpoint security solution to protect physical, virtual on premises, and cloud based machines?
  • Is your organization doing or planning to do any type of similar integration between an endpoint forensics solution and other types of security analytics systems?
  • Can the cloud security platform you are evaluating provide pervasive visibility from the network to the endpoint for investigations that are free from blind spots?
  • How is the data extracted from the endpoint and stored for later use in metrics analysis within your security program?
  • Does your threat intelligence platform integrate data from the platform into an endpoint security system?



The Art of Service has identified and prioritized Endpoint Management critical capabilities and use cases to assess and use. Leaders can select those results that best align with their business needs before implementing a solution.

The Art of Service's Critical Capabilities evaluates and prioritizes hundreds of results to help with the outcome selection process.

This Critical Capabilities Kanban will enable leaders to shortlist hundreds of appropriate results fast, because they are uniquely ready-to-use prioritized, starting with the 'Must Have' category; the most urgent and critical priorities.

This Kanban will help you plan and manage your Endpoint Management roadmap.

  • Transform the data into actionable views for your organization: business data changes, so how you view it should be flexible. Create the perfect view that's right for you.

  • Put your workflows on autopilot: Help your team go faster and focus on what matters by automating your processes. Upload and use the Kanban with your favorite apps and services like Asana, Airtable, Basecamp, Monday.com, Atlassian, Trello etc.

  • Knock down data silos: Align your teams around a single source of truth with real-time data from different sources. Point. Click. Stay in Sync.

  • Use it's flexible reporting for your unique use case: Whether you're "no-code" or you "know-code", the Kanban is the foundational tool to show what you want to who needs to see it. 


Included in your instant download purchase are the following digital products:

As seen in the Kanban above, the complete Endpoint Management critical capabilities and use cases, their prioritization, workflows, tagging and questions.


The download is available as an easy to re-use Excel format, which you can use as is, or import in any management tool of your choice, like Monday.com, Atlassian, Smartsheet, Power BI, Asana, Airtable etc.


Also included is the Endpoint Management critical capabilities Book in PDF format covering all the criteria including ideas for (potential) roles to assign the criteria to. Table of contents:

About The Art of Service 

Endpoint Management Critical Capabilities, Meaningful Metrics And Their Prioritization 


Prioritization Of Requirements 

The Prioritization Categories Are: 

  • Must Have 
  • Should Have 
  • Ought to Have 
  • Might Have 
  • Could Have 

Use In New Product/Service/Process Development  


The Critical Endpoint Management Capabilities And Their Priorities: 

  • Priority - Must Have # 
  • Priority - Should Have #
  • Priority - Ought to Have # 
  • Priority - Might Have # 
  • Priority - Could Have # 



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About The Art of Service

Our clients want to be confident that they base their risk management and compliance decisions on accurate data. But compliance is complex and you don’t know what you don’t know.

You should have clarity in your business around risk management and compliance without being frustrated about spending thousands of dollars and waiting for external consultants to identify your company’s blind spots.

As senior executives and business owners for over 22 years, we understand your frustration. 

That’s why the Art of Service has created the Self Assessment and implementation tools which have been used by more than 100,000 professionals globally to control their own compliance assessments; resulting in 500+ Academic citations, making it in the top 1 % of most cited work worldwide.

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