Customer Service

Customer Service professionals need to know a whole lot more about the various ways of delivering services to the customers. It is no longer sufficient just to know the basics.

There have been so many changes in customer expectations and with service delivery, which is why we have created a completely new series of qualifications and certifications. The Customer Service Certification Scheme has been created to support students in their aim to gain relevant qualifications that practically apply to the ever-changing world of customer services.

So, How Does the Pathway Work?

First, you need to complete the foundation level – The Customer Service Foundation Program which focuses on the fundamentals, general knowledge, terminology and BASIC concepts used in Customer Service. There is no examined component at this level. Completion of this program earns you 2 points toward your Customer Service Expert Certificate.

After this come the Customer Service Intermediate Program options. The prerequisite for these programs is that you have the Customer Service Foundation certificate. We appreciate that you do not need to know everything about each area of Customer Service so this is where the programs become more specialized:

Customer Service and Call Centres

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Service and Sales

Communication Strategies

Conflict Resolution

Public Speaking & Delivering Presentations


Decision Making & Public Speaking.

From the eight Customer service Intermediate programs that are available, you will select a minimum of five programs to complete and progress to the Expert program, each Intermediate program will earn you 3 points toward your Customer Service Expert Certificate (minimum 17 points entry requirement).  There is an examined component at this level.  The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions, related to the subjects you have chosen.

The next and final level is Customer Service Expert program. This is specifically aimed at Customer Service Supervisors and Managers who wish to consolidate their knowledge and experience and achieve formal recognition of their skills. There are two examined components for this program: three mandatory exercises and, one 20 questions multiple choice exam. This program is worth 5 points.

How do I achieve my Expert certification?

You must have a minimum of 22 points to achieve your expert certification.

Intermediate Pathway: Customer Service Foundation Program (2 points) + 5 x Customer Service Intermediate Programs (3 points each). Customer Service Expert Program (5 points)

Total: 22 Points

Each course provides preparation for the exams and successful candidates receive a certificate.

What is included in a Certification Kit?

When you purchase a certification kit you will receive a pdf copy of the book, three months access to the elearning materials and contact details of your allocated trainer - who is there to answer any questions or queries you may have about the courses, books, exams etc and guide you through your learning experience.

How/Where do I sit my exam? 

To organize the exam, you need to nominate an Exam Supervisor/Proctor.  This person must not be a family member (share the same surname), or have a vested interest in you passing the exam.  Once you have found someone to supervise the exam for you, send their name and email address to your trainer. We will then contact them, and send the relevant paperwork (some reading materials and a declaration to be signed).  

Once this paperwork is completed, we can arrange a suitable date, and time for your exam.  The exam will be emailed to your supervisor, once you have completed the exam, they will send it back to us (with a few other documents) and we will mark the exam for you asap.