The Appliance-Based Replication Toolkit

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A device or piece of equipment designed to perform a specific task, typically a domestic one. Have as the foundation for (something); use as a point from which (something) can develop. The action of copying or reproducing something. This toolkit provides a wide variety of resources to boost your understanding and ability to manage Appliance-Based Replication with numerous ready-to-use resources.

This toolkit is designed to provide a guiding hand to assist you in improving your knowledge and understanding of Appliance-Based Replication by offering easy to use templates, blueprints, and documents that can be adapted to your requirements.

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Put together by The Art of Service's industry experts and providing ready to use documents, this valuable kit takes the reader beyond the theoretical to focus on the real benefits and deliverables of Appliance-Based Replication and how to apply them successfully.

This innovative set of documents and ready-to-use templates will provide you with a head start for both learning and applying of a Appliance-Based Replication approach that meets today's standards. It is tailor-fit for professionals who don't have the time or resources at hand to develop the required templates and structure for implementation or management.

The Complete Appliance-Based Replication Toolkit includes numerous resources to:

Plan: Establish Appliance-Based Replication

Do: Implement and Operate Appliance-Based Replication

Check: Monitor and Review Appliance-Based Replication

Act: Maintain and Improve Appliance-Based Replication

This toolkit includes a variety of electronic documents that provide a head start for the implementation, management, education and awareness for Appliance-Based Replication.

The kit is designed for those who need or are looking for awareness or skills, but simply don't have time to develop the necessary templates and structure for the implementation.

The kit serves to act as a starting point, it will give you a clear path to travel and is designed to be a valuable source of information and activities.

The Appliance-Based Replication toolkit:

1. Contains numerous ready to use documents covering the Preparing, Planning, Designing, Implementing, Operating and Optimizing of Appliance-Based Replication

2. Is scalable to any size and type of project or organization

3. Provides blueprints, templates and documents - ready to download and apply

4. Saves you time and budget