Customer Service Foundation Level Full Certification Kit - Complete Skills, Training, and Support Steps to Remarkable Customer Service

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The Customer Service Foundation eLearning Program focuses on the fundamentals, general knowledge, terminology and BASIC concepts used in Customer Service.

The Comprehensive study guide / textbook and access to your personal instructor, for study support and clarification, will aid you right throughout the course.

There is no examined component at this level. Completion of this program earns you 2 points toward your Customer Service Expert Certificate

Recommened completion time for this course is 8 hours.

Practical, concise help for dealing with customers: The book and its accompanying elearning course and Certification begins with outlining several customer service techniques and describes each of them. Some are very basic and some are more advanced, particularly those that deal with dealing with frustrated customers or preventing problems with customers from escalating and becoming a time consuming event.

But that's not only the meat of the book or what makes the book so useful. The book contains dialogues between customers and staff, showing how the various situations SHOULD be handled. Each one is to the point and the information for each one can be assimilated and learned from in a few minutes. This book can be used in so many ways. You can sit and read it through. You can browse it and just read the parts that you want help with. You can read one or two dialogues and learn one or two skills a day, since each segment really stands on its own. It's a great source book to use in customer service training because it's all there -- techniques, and how to use them. It's quick to learn from. And it's real. The dialogues will strike home with you. There is no better, faster book to learn how to deal with customers (especially the difficult customers), it's a one-stop-shop for ideas. You won't be disappointed: Customer service is for everyone.

How can you inspire and rejuvenate your workforce? For supervisors who need to motivate their teams to provide excellent customer service or for trainers in the workplace, this book will be welcome. By feeding manageable exercises that they can take back to work, you'll see creativity born of empowerment that can make a difference. Applicable in any job, accomplishments in customer service are those that the new employer will want to hear about. Addressing the dynamics of employees dealing with both internal and external customers, there are many ten-minute exercises, appropriate for new employee orientation, warm-ups for staff meetings, or launches for all-day training times. This book provides practical hints and easy-to-reproduce hand-outs without overloading the reader with theory. It's easy to satisfy low expectations and it doesn't mean very much. You have to create customers who tell others how wonderful you are. You want everyone in your company focused on customers. Focused on creating stories your customers can tell others. This book gives you the road map to do it, all wrapped up in easy lessons.

- Reveal Your Best Customer: reveal customer insights allowing you to provide more value.

- Improve Customer Service with Customer Service Training.

- Use it for Customer Service Rep call center and customer support training programs.

- Create Expert, reliable customer support.

The customer service foundation program consists of 7 modules. Each containing various presentations, exercises and quizzes designed to boost your knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of customer service.

The modules cover the following concepts:
-Introduction to customer service
-Critical Elements of Customer Service
-Customer Service - First Impressions
-Why Bother with customer service?
-Handling Complaints
-Targets & Goal Setting


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    My Pick for Best Customer Service - Excellent Insights

    Posted by Unknown on 30th May 2015

    This is a nice and basic guide about customer service. It's the type of guide to carry around and read and refresh. I'm glad I bought it and frequently re-read it. The principles in this guide are so easy to put into immediate action you'll wonder why you haven't thought about this stuff already.

    The things in this guide cost little or no money and even if they do cost money you'll want to do them anyway.

    Performing the principles in this guide has become a hobby. It's fun it changes the way you look at work.

    At times I want to screw up orders just to fix them! I can't beleive the attitude overhaul I've gained from this guide.

    I should state that my approach to customer service is unique in that I teach IT Profesionals how to provide better service to the users they support. However this guide is my most recommended resource on customer service for these and any other individuals.