ITIL® courses



  •  Are your e-learning courses accredited?

Yes, all our ITIL programs are accredited. We are accredited with PeopleCert  

  • How can I be sure that my elearning program with The Art of Service is up to date and gives me all the knowledge I need to pass my exam?

AXELOS® is the owner of the certification scheme and chairs the exam qualification board. They have regular reviews based on feedback from Examination Institutes, Accredited Training Organisations and exam candidates. In 2009 there was an update to the Foundation Syllabus, and in 2010 there was an update to the syllabi for the Intermediate Programs being updated to 2011. In 2012 there was a major overhaul of the MALC course syllabus and exam. These reviews are done to safeguard the quality of the exams, but also to improve the quality of the exams and the exam experience for the candidates.

Irrespective of AXELOS's review schedule - The Art of Service’s R&D team works on a 6-monthly change schedule to ensure that all our elearning programs are always up to date and in line with the latest syllabus and exams. 

  • What are the exam preparation courses?

Whilst all our elearning programs cover all materials required from the  official AXELOS® syllabus, giving you more then enough theory and practical exercises to be fully prepared for the certification exam.  We experienced that a number of our students wish to do that bit extra to be super prepared for the exam our R&D team created a separate exam preparation program for each course. You have the choice between the PDF eBook version, or the online version with instant feedback.
The exam preparation courses are  a fantastic addition to your eLearning course.

Exam preparation courses are not available for individual sale.


  • I see you also sell exam preparation guides to existing eLearning students - does that mean I don’t receive any practice exams as part of my elearning course?

Each elearning program consists of powerpoint slides, theory lectures, reading sessions and quizzes + exercises. At the end of each elearning program is a full practice exam (mock exam). The exam preparation programs are over and above the elearning materials - they are meant as additional preparation material.

  • I heard you must do a minimum of 21 contact hours for the ITIL Intermediate course to be eligible for the exam - is this true?

Yes this is true - you are eligible to sit the exam when you have completed all prerequisites. Attending an accredited training program is one of those requirements. HOWEVER - this doesn’t mean that this program isn’t available as elearning! the Art of Service’s ITIL 2011 elearning programs are fully accredited and qualify as prerequisite for the certification exams.

Before we issue you with your certificate of completion, our elearning-support team checks that you have indeed completed all mandatory course components.The certificate of Completion is required to book your exam.

  • How do I book my ITIL exam?

When you have completed your eLearning program you are ready to sit your exam. The elearning course (certification kit) do not include the exam voucher, so you will need to purchase this separately.

The Complete Examination Package includes course, exam preparation and exam voucher.


Exams can be taken online at a location that is convenient for you Home or Office. The choice is yours..... Benefit of the online exam is that it is available 24x7 and can be taken anywhere in the world. (Webcam Proctor)

  • Will I be able to pass my exam after doing elearning with The Art of Service?

Of course! There is no reason why not... all the elearning programs are created by a team of qualified educators in line with the AXELOS syllabus (and often give you lots of extra goodies over and above the ‘bare minimum’ ). We find that most students who complete all modules and exercises in the elearning program are very well prepared for the certification exam.



The prerequisite for the ITIL 2011 Intermediate courses is that you have the ITIL V3 Foundation certificate. This can be ITIL V3 - 2007 edition or ITIL V3 - 2011 edition. 



  • What is the difference between Lifecycle Courses and Capability Courses?

The Lifecycle Courses are the equivalent of 4 days in the classroom and each program covers one Lifecycle Stege (book). This means that the course materials are focusing on a single Lifecyle Stage, and the tests are about the understanding of  that specific phase within the ITIL framework theory.

The Capability Courses are the equivalent of the 5 days in the classroom and each program covers a number of roles within the IT Service Management organisation:

  • SOA -  Service Offerings and Agreements 
  • PPO - Plan Protect and Optimize
  • RCV - Release Control and Validation
  • OSA - Operational Support and Analysis

The Capability courses also cover tool requirements to enable the ITIL Professional to perform the role and associated activities. All reporting, measurement and continual improvement activities are incorporated in the course materials.


  • How long do I have access to the elearning Course?

Every program gives you access to the elearning environment for 180 days- but in addition to that you will receive a textbook with most of our programs which is the same materials you would have received in your course binder when you attend the classroom course. 

When you purchase the Complete Examination Package or the ITIL Expert Pathway, you will receive 180 days access to each course in your program. 

We offer course extensions for every program, in case you haven't been able to finish the course within the 90 days.

  • What do I receive when I enrol in the ITIL 2011 Foundation course?

When you purchase the program from our online store, you’ll receive access to The Art of Service Training Center. All course material and work book is available in your Dashboard.

  • What do I receive when I enrol in the ITIL 2011 Intermediate programs?

When you purchase the program from our online store, you’ll receive access to The Art of Service Training Center. All course material and work book is available in your Dashboard.

The lifecycle elearning program doesn’t have a textbook included in the program. Due to the fact that the theory covered in the course is basically the entire AXELOS® ITIL 2011 book we expect that you have access to that book for the duration of the course.

The elearning component of the course consists of:

- powerpoint slides with voice over narration by an certified ITIL Expert instructor.

- exercises and quizzes to test your understanding of the theory

- course relevant workbook

- official practice exam to do a test run as part of the learning


  • Which course do I need to finish to do the ITIL Expert exam?

      • 1. there is no ITIL Expert Exam. You receive your certificate once you’ve earned 22 credit points within the ITIL 2011 certification scheme
      • 2. You can only access the MALC course after you’ve achieved 17 points from Foundation and Intermediate certification exams. You receive a certificate for each exam that you complete. Once you pass your MALC exam you will receive your MALC certificate AND your ITIL Expert certificate and pin.
  • Can I see a preview of the elearning programs?

Yes you can - and we recommend you do this to get a good idea of the learning experience. The preview elearning is a component of the live ITIL 2011 Foundation elearning Program. This video gives you instructions on how to access the elearning preview.