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Got 93% passing score in one go!

Sometime in the past I was thinking, what can I get myself for the birthday... Bingo! ... Certificate in ITIL Foundation! I'm a freshman as a Business Analyst so; my curiosity about what the rest of the folks are doing on everyday basis at a systems department took over... I bought the bundle - Book and e-learning program.

Study approach I took:

1. Read the book at fast phase to understand the "Big Picture"
2. Go through the e-learning program at slow phase
3. Read the book at a very slow phase, enjoy every detail you learn

Pros and Cons. Please be advised, I don't have insights on the other materials available on the market for ITIL exam preparation.

* Straight to the point
* Simple language
* Processes and terminology are made easy to understand by aligning them to well known restaurant activities
* 360 pages :)

Advice - Analyze answers to the sample questions in the book & e-learning very carefully. Those will boost your knowledge




I bought the ITIL Foundation Complete Certification Kit 4th Edition to assist me in preparing for the exam. I have owned the book for a month and found it to be the best book on ITIL that I have come across (I went through 3 others). The book is excellently written and gives in-depth knowledge in all the areas of ITIL.

I also found the eLearning material on theartofservivce website to be an excellent study aid. Its very easy to access, download/streaming speed is very good, the leassons are done very well.

I will glady recommend the book and elearning program to anyone that is preparing for the ITIL Foundation exam or just simply wants to be more knowedgeable.

The best ITIL book ever.

Thomas Bangura



This book is easy to read and covers the fundamentals succinctly and does a good job of laying out the ITIL framework without getting bogged down in technical details. The exams at the end of each chapter do a good job of reviewing the material and I used them to trigger reviews of material that I hadn't grasped completely.

I also took the online course, watching all the videos (which were good), taking all the mini exams at the end of each section, and then taking the full sample exam at the end of the course. There are probably 9 or 10 hours of videos, so it's a lot of good content. I did well on the sample exam (31/40, which is a passing score) and then I smoked the ITIL exam with 37/40. I definitely think that the combination of the book followed by the videos was excellent preparation and I felt extremely confident during the exam. I highly recommend this product - I definitely got exactly what I expected.

A few nits to pick: it would be helpful for the book to spell out acronyms more frequently throughout the text and/or to implement an acronym list as an appendix. I found in several places that the book was using acronyms that I couldn't remember and not all are in the glossary. There were also some occasional grammar issues in the book, but nothing that hinders the understanding of the material. But these are minor items of feedback for the publisher and do not take away from my five star rating.

Michael J Molinari



Ivanka and the Art of Service once again has out done themselves. The course is a easy read and to the point. Coupled with the online video makes it a 1-2 punch for passing your certification test and fully grasping the methodology of ITIL. If you're looking to understand ITIL and pass your test on the first try, this is the path to take.

Q. Sligh "gadget"



I chose this book because of its detailed explanations and in depth content about the concepts and processes. It was also highly recommended by others and I will be taking my exam next week with confidence.

Veronika A Kurulyeva



I bought the ITIL Foundations book in hopes of learning the ITIL concepts and help me achieve a ITIL Foundations Certification. I was pleased with the over all material. The chapters explain in detail the five service life cycles and all the important terminology, which if you follow alone without reading the rest of the book will greatly assist you in passing the exam. The addition of online e-learning is beneficial as well because since the book was published there have been VERY minimal additions to some of the life cycles and not even enough to make a difference on your test. The sample questions at the end of every chapter are useful in getting you ready for the exam. The elearning is also great and takes less time to cover than the books but very helpful indeed, helps explain some of the charts you see in the books.

I read the book 4 times, and went over the e-learning twice, and took multiple practice tests before I attempted the test.

I'm happy to say because of this book I ended up with the following results:

ITIL V3 Foundations Certification Exam - 93% = 37 out of 40 correct questions.

As you can see almost a perfect score. I highly suggest this book.

Admir Jusufovic



This kit was very easy to read and offers useful quizzes and questions at the end of each chapter. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn about ITIL Foundation.

Roger Osborne



Great combination of Book and e-Learning. Best method to learn the ITIL Foundational Best Practices.

Kevin E. Gilroy



Consider what you get with this package: online video tutorials, a great book layout, easy to read and comprehend topics explained with tons of graphics, practical real world scenarios included, sample test at the end of each chapter, great terms glossary, perfect index and all the topics from the ITIL v.3 exam covered.

I used this book very effectively (read it thoroughly once, and skimmed for review 2 following times), along side with graphical charts of ITIL processes (look online) and the latest cbt nuggets videos on this course.

All the best to you!

Gabriel Borlean



MALC brings it all together, unfortunately a LOT of content to absorb. I like that the on-line and the manual have different sequence.  Bouncing between them and going back to the original manuals is providing much more depth than the intermediate topics. My original goal was to finish for year-end, but am not going to rush it.  Will take the test when I’m ready.

I’m a hardware architect so this course is giving me the business perspective and forcing me to think differently.

Very worthwhile.

Dave Parry



Emma helped me and provided the requested information. She responded to my request in a very timely manner with detailed information. I have communicated with The Art of Service team in the past and always got good customer support which is why I come here first for any training needs. The Art of Service has very good training programs and the learning modules are excellent. As always, Thanks to The Art of Service team.

Robert Kurapaty.



The Art of Service fits nicely into my business and personal schedule with ease. The responsiveness of the employees is comforting when dealing with constantly changing business and training priorities.

Ed Fox



Clearly written; easy to understand, June 23, By Douglas Hamilton (Chantilly, VA USA) The Art of Service not only publishes a great course, they operate under the service principles they teach. My interactions with them were professional, courteous, and helpful. When I had a small issue with logon access to their site, my inquiry was answered and the problem resolved right away. Later, when I inquired about certification vouchers, again the response was detailed and very helpful.As for the book, I found The Art of Service to have published the most comprehensive and digestible course around. I recommend this study book and online course to anyone looking to become comfortable with ITIL concepts. And it is a must for anyone wanting to study for the certification exam.



Small Book, big punch, Great focus, September 22, By S. Kommuri This book when it arrived , i looked at the size of the book and though it does not have everything, but this book supplemented with the online course that is available is more than enough if you want to take ITIL foundation. I am a PMP and wanted to see what ITIL has to offer and found out both to be complimentay to each other. This book is a great for taking ITIL foundation exam or for understanding ITIL, what this is not is a reference manual.[...]



ITIL V3 was the best thing I could have paid for the cert test, September 16, By Alexander F. House “alex” (seattle wa) I will be honest most of the time I have to study for these tests and alot of the books out there well they are not that fun, they are plain, and well just flat out broing..I got the this book. and let me tell you it was a breath of fresh air. I have been studying it and I am getting ready to take the test … and it took a little less then 4 weeks.I study longer then most people do but this book not only used the techical terms that are needed but it put it in real world steps so that you can understand it so much better…well all I have to say is hat’s off to you guys for createing this book and Elearning program, it is the best so far that I have found.



ITIL V3 Foundation Complete Certification Kit Review, June 22, By RutgersAl “Al” (New Jersey, USA) Well written and concise, when used in conjunction with the web presentations, whose access info is contained within the book,it provides you everything you need to know to successfully passthe exam. Read the book three times, watched the web presentations,skipped the book quizzes, but did all the web quizzes and blew through the exam, which is pretty straightforward, in 12 minutes.



ITIL Foundations Complete Certification Kit, May 18, By Rajesh Srivastava (GA,USA) Excellant source to prep for Foundations course. It is important to go through all questions in the books and online quizzes.



Excellent explanation good breadth and depth across service lifecycle, April 30, By Pramod Rao (Houston, TX) Although I am not new to ITIL, but never had implemented ITIL using newer approach. So, I started to first understand how all the pieces are tied together – and this book helped me a lot. Took me about 3-4 days to finish this book, and immediately after I gave my cert exam with 97% score. Not only that I used this book as a reference during my day-to-day job activities. Overall, excellent book!!



Easy Read, April 13, By Brent Schlueter This is a great, and easy read to get caught up on the pieces of ITIL v3. I don’t know what else to say about it but I would recommend this one to anyone. The text has good content questions at the end of the chapters, and media you can access online. Get it!



ITIL V3 Foundation Complete Certification Kit, October 15, By Chris (Harrisburg, PA USA) I am new to the ITIL concepts and although I had previously heard of the various components of ITIL and read on the topic to some degree in previous years, I was certainly not conversant with ITIL overall or with the specifics of any of the ITIL components. I decided that perhaps understanding the ITIL Foundation would be a good place to start.After searching the internet, looking for up todate material (V3), I came across the ITIL V3 Foundation Complete Certification Kit and, as it was reasonably priced, included both a book (Study Guide) as well as access to supporting learning software, I ordered the product.Upon receiving the material and accessing the Learning Software (over the weekend and easy to access) I am very impressed with the overall purchase. The access to the software is to me the most impressive component but having the book available for offline review (on trains or buses) is a definite plus. I am definitely recommending this product both as a place to start as well as a valuable reference for the future not to mention a very cost effective approach to learning about ITIL.I will definitely be looking to the product organization in the future for other areas of education related to ITIL and perhaps other topics they may be involved with.



ITIL3 is the Best!, October 15, By K. Johnson “Poettone” I would like to start off by saying that ITIL3 Foundation’s exam is nothing to sneeze at and in fact is a true test of the skills and abilities that you have to offer. The training manual and online course was flawlessly created and mastered and prepares you for the certification tests. It’s clearly delivered in content and style. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to expand their business sense and capabilites. Great Work!



ITIL V3 Foundation Complete Certification Kit , October 15, By P. J. Williams (Blue Springs, MO) This was the best complete study guide online course for ITIL V3 Foundation. The customer support from the book is outstanding. Every question I had was answered promptly. You won’t be disappointed.ITIL V3 Foundation Complete Certification Kit – Edition: Study Guide Book and Online Course



tthe best book for learning ITIL V3 Foundation, October 14, By Ya Ding (MANHATTAN,KS,USA) I got this kits few weeks ago, this book describe ITIL V3 in a easy and effective way. the online course you get very detail about every fact of ITIL. I highly recommend this book for every one who want to study ITIL V3 and pass the ITIL V3 Foundation certification.



Excellent Self learning material, October 14, By Houssein Choucair If you are out looking for quality learning guide on ITIL V3 Foundation Certification preparation, I highly recommend this superior material. This guide demystifies ITIL in clear and easy to follow way. In addition, it comes with Q/A and on-line course access. Anyone trying to understand and prepare for ITIL Foundation certification using this guide would quickly admit being in debit for the collective effort of its authors Tim Malone, Ivanka Menken, and Gerard Blokdij in bringing together without any dispute the best guide ever on the subject.



ITIL Foundation Certification KitVery good training!!!, October 14, By Mihaela I. Curtu I was ready to pay $500 for an onsite ITIL class when I learned about the ITIL Foundation Certification Kit.I bought it from Amazon and in 1 week I passed the certification exam.I’m taking a lot of online training but this one was one of the best.Book and online training: consistent, focused, and easy to follow.I saved some money and I’ve got certified in 1 week – 1st time try.Thank you!



Excellent ITIL v3 Prep Course, October 14, By The Pilgrim (Seattle, WA) The combination of the workbook and the online lessons provided me with a thorough review of the ITIL v3 concepts required to pass the exam. It was also a helpful introduction to the entire Lifecycle, which has helped me in my subsequent study of v3.



Well rounded solution for learning as well as passing the ITIL v3 Foundatoin Certification, October 14, By Jonathan Dsouza (Dallas, TX USA) After much researching I had decided to go ahead and purchased the Art of Service training book and e-learning module. Not only was I extremely happy with this product but I also passed my certification exam with a 90%.After reading many of the reviews that were on here I decided to use the book and the e-learning module which consists of flash based power point slides in conjunction with each other.I would make flash cards for the really important points and since they were broken into 5 modules I ended with 5 piles of flash cards. After studying and making flash cards for about two weeks I spent about another half a week just reviewing the flash cards.Went to take the exam and finished the hour long exam in about half an hour.What’s great about the Online learning is that the slides are accompanied by the instructor who lectures to the slides. He doesn’t just repeat word for word what’s already on the slide but gives his own input on different concepts. Somewhere around half way through there is a lady who starts to narrate the slides but all she does is just read what’s already on them. I can do that too. But then right before the end the guy gets back on and its a good wrap to a really informative class.The book is designed to give you a very high level understanding of the ITIL concepts as is the exam designed to do.I would recommend this to anyone looking to learn about ITIL or also study to get their ITIL certification.



Great instructional material, October 14, By Ryan J. Smith “Area Man” (Hometown, USA) The ITIL v3 Foundation Complete Certification Kit was a tremendous help in mastering the concepts of ITIL v3 and prepared me quite well to take the exam. I would recommend this to anyone who has little to no experience with ITIL and wants to take the Foundation exam.



ITIL v3. Foundations student prepping for exam, October 14, By James Crockett “jamesc” (Seattle, WA) The textbook and included on-line computer-based-learning program work excellently well in tandom. There is some material that is only covered on the CBT materials, and some that is only included in the book. The two taken together comprises a comprehensive review. I would have liked to be able to download the excellent diagrams and charts that are discusses in the CBT, but there seemed to be no way. So I took screen shots, which worked adaquately for my needs. BTW, the commentator’s voice in the presentation was very pleasant, and the production level was excellent.