The Supplier Management Toolkit

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Are you always trying to find profitable ways in which to market products?

Are you interested in increasing product margins?

Are you concerned with managing relationships with suppliers?

Then you might be the next expert in Supplier Management!

Any driven organization requires the ability to obtain value for money from suppliers and to ensure that they perform to the level and standard within their contract and agreements, while also conforming to all of the set terms and conditions.

The goal of our well-developed Supplier Management Toolkit is to manage suppliers and the services they supply, to provide seamless quality of IT service to the business, and to ensure that value for money is obtained. This toolkit is proven to help you succeed in the implementation of this process!

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Obtain Value for Money!


The purpose of the Supplier Management process is to obtain value for money from suppliers and to ensure that suppliers perform to the targets contained within their contracts and agreements, while conforming to all of the terms and conditions.

The Art of Service has designed an inspirational Supplier Management Toolkit, which improves and maintains the relationship with your organization’s suppliers. The process should include the management of all suppliers and contracts needed to support the provision of IT services to the business. Each service provider will have a formal process for the management of all suppliers and contracts. This promises to ensure your organization develops beneficial relationships with your most desired supply partners!


This indispensable toolkit contains presentations, templates, and assessments:

Supporting documents and assessments are provided to help you identify the areas within your organization that require the most activity in terms of change and improvement.



Presentations can be used to educate, as the basis for management presentations, or when making business cases for Supplier Management implementation.




The additional information and bonus resources will enable you to improve your organization’s methodology knowledgebase.




A Quick Look Inside—This Fundamental Toolkit Contains:

•   ITIL® Supplier Management Presentation

•   Toolkit Introduction Presentation

•   Outsourcing—Sourcing Strategy Presentation

•   ITIL® Outsourcing Presentation—CSI

•   Supplier Management—Roles and Responsibilities

•   Service Sourcing Structures

•   Sourcing roles and responsibilities

•   Example Outsourcing Contract template

•   Example Outsourcing—Service Levels

•   Example Outsourcing—Service Levels

•   Outsourcing Transition Plan

•   IT Outsourcing ITIL® Process Assessment v2.1

•   Example Service Desk Project Plan

•   Toolkit Roadmap


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