Are the Self Assessment Guides suitable to prepare for my exam?

The Art of Service is known for our learning materials and eLearning certification products. Which is why people ask questions about The Standard Requirement Self Assessment Guides as it may sound as if these guides are part of our training products.

For example, this question about our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Complete Self Assessment Guide:

I am about to buy your book “Salesforce Marketing Cloud Complete Self-Assessment Guide” and I had a question for you. I have 3 Salesforce Certifications (Admin, Advanced Admin and Sales Cloud). I have worked for a year as a Marketing Cloud product owner in an international project and would like to obtain now the Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification. Is your book suitable for preparing the exam? How are the 611 questions sent? What sort of questions are? Does the book explain all the modules in Mk cloud (email studio, sms, journeys…)? Looking forward to hearing to your news. Thanks in advance.


Great question; It’s not an examination preparation guide, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud self assessment is designed for professionals and their organisations to start the rollout and/or get maximum value for their organization out of it. 

So basically the standard requirements questions in the Self Assessment Guides are specific for the topic (in this case Salesforce Marketing Cloud ) to guide and help organisations to assess their process maturity. The outcome of the assessment is a solid understanding and awareness of how well thought out the processes are and where there are gaps in understanding and knowledge.

These guides are not meant as study guides to get further in depth theory knowledge of a subject, nor are they meant as study guides. (It’s not that kind of assessment…)

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