Customer Service Intermediate Level - Retail and Sales

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Practical, concise help for dealing with customers: The Customer Service Sales and Retail course paves the way for the Best Customer Experience by Redefining and Improving Customer Experience: An Innovative Strategy by the Industry Leader in Effective Customer Service Training.         


Once, a customer could only request service either in person or over the phone, and a customer service professional could deliver exemplary service using knowledge that, in today’s fast-paced digital world, would be considered basic at best. That, unfortunately, will no longer suffice. With the advent and expansion of the internet into every crevice of our lives, other means of communication – such as email and SMS – have risen in popularity and companies are increasingly incorporating contact centers, where customer service representatives field inquiries either over the phone or online, into their customer relationship management (CRM) strategies. Retail salespeople and customer service workers account for the single largest demographic of employees in the United States, and to stand out from such a crowd you must demonstrate a high level of skill and a firm understanding of the industry.


Whether by email, SMS, webchat, or social media, there is an increasing expectation for information and services to be readily available and easy to access across a range of platforms. It is with this in mind that we have created the Customer Service Certification Program, a series of courses that aims to support students like you in your efforts to gain relevant qualifications that can be practically applied in the ever-changing world of customer services.


The program will teach you not only about making sales, but also about the retail industry as a whole, including an overview of how a standard retail career may progress and the current trends and issues you may face. We have also included modules on delivering presentations to your peers and employers, a task many find both challenging and intimidating, and on common CRM types and strategies to help you get (and stay) ahead of the curve.


Organizations know that their customer service staff are the face of their business, and with a new emphasis on developing and maintaining a high standard of service we can bid farewell to the days of unfriendly, unmotivated, untrained personnel. Good customer service is much more than simply serving your customers, and nobody is born a customer service professional. Rather, it is a complex, multi-faceted skill that takes time and effort to acquire. You must learn to be a jack-of-all-trades, to solve problems and communicate clearly and cheerfully even when faced with complex issues and uncooperative customers.



Why Register?

  • Trainer lead course covering Sales, Retail, CRM & Presentations
  • 90 days access to the course
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  • Downloadable PDF workbook
  • Final Exam


What you will learn:

  • Introduction Customer Service Sales and Retail
  • Selling is Easy?
  • Features & Benefits
  • 10 Golden Rules
  • Delivering Presentations and Public Speaking
  • Retail
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
  • Exam Preparation
  • Final Exams

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