Exam Voucher Core Series for IT


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Exam Voucher Core Series for IT


This Exam Voucher is for our Premium Members, UDEMY Students and the Core Series for IT Exam re-sits ONLY.

If you purchase the Core Series for IT Certification kit directly from The Art of Service, your exam is included in the package and you don't need to purchase a separate voucher

This is valid for one ONLINE exam for you to take at a date and time that best suits you!

- All Core Series for IT Exams
- Multiple Choice exam
- 20 Questions
- 80% correct required for successfully passing the exam
- 30 minutes to complete

Exam Vouchers are valid for 1 year after date of purchase.

exam-voucher-core-series-for-it-image1.jpgPlease contact us at: exams@artofservice.com.au for further information.

After purchasing the Exam Voucher you will be contacted by our team to organize your specific Core Series for IT exam, and to ensure that all exam regulations are followed.

Upon successful completion of the Core Series for IT Exam you will receive a Certificate of completion.

To be eligible to sit for a Core Series for IT Exam, you will need to have completed the correct corresponding eLearning program.