How do you create so many Self Assessment Guides?

We get this question on a regular basis – and for good reason. We have many different Self Assessment Guide Toolkits on a range of topics.

Above all, our mission is to ensure you have the exact toolkit and content you need for the project you are working on and to achieve this we strive to continuously expand the toolkit options based on current and future market needs.

New topics are uncovered and selected daily with our in-house designed AI and Machine Learning applications to ensure content is always relevant, up to date and above all specific to your exact need.

Let’s give you a behind the scenes view of how we came up with the idea of the Self Assessment Guide Toolkits and what this means for you as a user of the toolkits.

The Art of Service has been an Australian based consultancy firm since 2000, founded by professionals who had their own management consultancy careers starting from the early 1990s.

Our 30 year experience taught us the value and impact of questions. We’ve also experienced first hand how daunting it is to look at an empty piece of paper or an empty screen, trying to come up with questions that start a meaningful and valuable conversation on a particular topic.

Knowing this, it only made sense that we started to create a database with a canon of questions that get the conversation going, irrespective of the topic at hand. There are always these ‘golden nuggets’, these ‘gems’ – the questions that nobody really asks but are so important and poignant in various situations. These are the questions we have been using in our own client engagements, our consultancy briefs and process health checks.

In 2018 we wanted to create a product that would help our clients to utilize the power of a consultancy service without having to engage a consultant.

When we dug deeper on what the biggest value add is of a consultancy engagement, it all came down to the questions (again).

We were trying to find a way to bring our question based approach to a larger audience. Those questions now form the basis of our Self Assessment Guide Toolkits.

How can you get the Self Assessment Toolkits?

The Art of Service is based in Australia, which limits the amount of people and clients we can personally connect with due to distance and population. To help us reach as many people as possible we have been offering online eLearning and digital consultancy products since 2002. Therefore, the most obvious way to offer our Self Assessment Toolkits to the (English speaking) world is to turn them into digital downloadable Toolkits, physical books and e-books. Books and e-books can be sold online with an instant global reach.

So that’s what we did. With the book and e-book format every client has the opportunity to contact us directly to request the additional resources, more questions and project management templates. We wouldn’t be able to put everything in our books as that would make them way too big. Book buyers send in the proof of purchase via email and we give access to the full set of resources that belongs to the Self Assessment Toolkit.


Here is an example of what a full set consists of, the link to the full Vendor Third Party Management Toolkit.