How to find the right Standard Requirements Self Assessment?

You’ve been looking at the different toolkits for hours now – even printed the various descriptions and have them all piled up like a big mountain on your desk.

While this looks very impressive, it doesn’t help you make the decision which Self Assessment Toolkit will help you with your projects.

Sure, some subjects are self explanatory: If you want to check the maturity of the processes around designing, creating and managing Operational Level Agreements you choose this Toolkit:

Operational Level Agreements Self Assessment Toolkit

But what if your manager asked you to find out about Agile… that is such a broad subject – where do you even start? A quick search on the website shows you a number of options:

Agile Tooling

Agile Testing

Agile Ops

Agile endpoint Operations

Project Oriented Agile Development Methodology

… etc.


Do you just get everything with the word agile in it? Probably not. (unless you want to purchase multiple toolkits, which is entirely possible at a volume discount )

At that point you may feel lost and unsure what to do. If only you had a mudmap of everything that is available to help you find your way out of this mess.

While we don’t have a physical mudmap for you, there is a virtual one… our team is here to help you.

Your best bet is to email us at and explain the details of your project so we can find the most appropriate toolkit for you. Super simple and convenient. It’s kinda like a GPS signal pointing you in the right direction.