CCNA 100 Success Secrets ISBN: 9780980459913

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CCNA 100 Success Secrets

There has never been a CCNA manual like this. 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of CCNA. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked, that we come across in forums, in our consultancy and education programs. It tells exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips never before offered in print. This book is also not about CCNA’s best practice and standards details. It introduces everything you want to know to be successful with CCNA. Samples of the content: What Should My CCNA Professional Resume Show? Sample CCNA Semester 2 Final Questions CCNA Study Guides for the CCNA Exam Selecting a CCNA Simulator to Practice With The Power Of the CCNA Study Guide The Particulars of CCNA Test v1.2 The Value of CCNA Resumes Downloading CCNA Quick Reference Sheets Can Be Helpful Looking for CCNA Test Answers? The Importance Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA Practice Test The Power Of a CCNA Study Guide CCNA Prep Your Complete Solution Before Exams


ISBN: 978-0-9804599-1-3
Copyright: © 2007  Standard Copyright License
Language: English