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The Art of Service Standard Requirements Self Assessments



The It Service Management Toolkit


The It Service Management Toolkit


Product Description

This toolkit provides a wide variety of resources to boost your understanding and ability to manage It Service Management in your organization with 30 ready-to-use resources.

This toolkit is designed to provide a guiding hand to assist you in improving your knowledge and understanding of It Service Management by offering easy to use templates, blueprints, and documents that can be adapted to your organization's requirements.


Buy with confidence, the It Service Management toolkit has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Free Returns.

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Put together by The Art of Service's industry experts and providing ready to use documents, this valuable kit takes the reader beyond the theoretical to focus on the real benefits and deliverables of It Service Management and how to apply them successfully within an organization.

This innovative set of documents and ready-to-use templates will provide you with a head start for both learning and applying of a It Service Management approach that meets today's standards. It is tailor-fit for professionals who don't have the time or resources at hand to develop the required templates and structure for implementation or management.

The Complete It Service Management Toolkit Includes the following 30 resources:

1.File: Security Service Requirement.doc - Summary: Scope for the requirements document may be determined by the business, therefore covering only a select few of the Services provided by the IT department that are seen as critical to the support of the business processes. Wordcount: 1216

2.File: 01 Service Management Policy Template.doc - Summary: To empower you in the creation process, this document provides some background information regarding the subject area, including considerations to be addressed within the policy itself; however, this is your policy and should reflect the goals, objectives, and guiding principles of your organization.Wordcount: 1109

3.File: 02 Service Management Plan.doc - Summary: It is necessary to identify the service management processes developed to support service delivery, their purposes, and how they relate to each other and the other components (policies, tools, and controls) of the service management system. Wordcount: 2056

4.File: 04 Service Management Process Definitions and Interfaces.doc - Summary: Risks associated with requests for change: to assess and manage the impact on service continuity and availabilityWordcount: 3140

5.File: 05 Business Justification Template.doc - Summary: The process of establishing and monitoring performance levels means that when IT and business people discuss IT related issues they are in fact talking about the same thing (and not � as often happens � talking at odds with each other. Wordcount: 1804

6.File: 06 Service Management Portfolios.doc - Summary: The business effectiveness of a service provider is largely dependent on the organization�s ability to obtain and managing information on a variety of subjects which can be used in marketing services, identify new service requirements, and improvements to services. Wordcount: 2042

7.File: 08 Service Definition.doc - Summary: They may find that their strength is in supporting a specific customer asset type, such as processes or financial assets; or they have greater competency in supporting all customer assets through a reporting service.Wordcount: 2654

8.File: 09 Service Options Template.doc - Summary: It is the process by which the service provider and customer will define and agree on the scope and outcomes of a service, as well as review the performance of the service against agreed targets.Wordcount: 1045

9.File: 10 Service Agreements.doc - Summary: Dealing with individual services has the greatest level for flexibility in managing service levels, but creating individual agreements for each service provision has the potential to create conflicting obligations with customers who have multiple services, or a service which is provided to multiple customers. Wordcount: 2309

10.File: 12 Customer-Based SLA Template Example.doc - Summary: This document serves as a GUIDE FOR THE CREATION OF AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE SERVICE LEVEL MANAGEMENT PROCESS OWNER AND THE CUSTOMER OF IT SERVICES (Covering all the IT Services they use). Wordcount: 2068

11.File: 01 Architecture Principles.doc - Summary: This document will provide a format for documenting an architecture principle which is suggested in TOGAF 9.1, as well as a list of common principles found across several enterprise architectures. Wordcount: 1715

12.File: 02 Architecture Description.doc - Summary: The intent of the customer template is to provide a structure and format that can be used repeatedly to provide a consistent and effective approach to creating deliverables with similar requirements. Wordcount: 1794

13.File: 03 Functional Specification Template.doc - Summary: The interfaces in this section are specified by documenting: the name and description of each item, source or input, destination or output, ranges, accuracy and tolerances, units of measure, timing, display formats and organization, availability and capacity requirements and any relevant agreements that may impact on the service.Wordcount: 1966

14.File: 05 Functional Design.doc - Summary: The purpose of this document is to provide the <> with a structure for gathering pertinent information regarding functional design of a service or system. Wordcount: 1865

15.File: 06 Technical Architecture.doc - Summary: The purpose of this document is to provide the <> with a structure for gathering pertinent information regarding technical design of a service or system. Wordcount: 3120

16.File: 07 Interface Design Specification.doc - Summary: Detail the Interfaces used in this piece of software, how it works; for example, it takes data in delimited format, as well as configuration information from a configuration file, and generates the files required to load the data into the new system.Wordcount: 1946

17.File: 08 Detailed Design Template.doc - Summary: The purpose of this document is to provide the <> with a structure for gathering pertinent information regarding a service or service component design. Wordcount: 1375

18.File: 09 Tool Requirements Template and Planner.doc - Summary: To successfully implement tools that will provide a benefit within your organization, it is vitally important to have a clear understanding of the purpose of the tool and how you want it to work for you. Wordcount: 2744

19.File: 10 Resource Plan.doc - Summary: The purpose of this document is to provide the <> with a structure for gathering pertinent information regarding resource management. Wordcount: 917

20.File: 11 Service Report Description Template.doc - Summary: The purpose of this document is to provide the <> with a structure for gathering pertinent information regarding Service Reports. Wordcount: 1034

21.File: 12 Service Review Template.doc - Summary: For instance, a service which is subject to a higher rate of change, exposed to a high number of risks, is newly implemented or changed may be considered unstable, or has had an historical record of not meeting service targets and should be reviewed more often. Wordcount: 1848

22.File: 13 Service Design Package Template.doc - Summary: This section presents a list of the operational requirements associated with the service will be required to perform, including supporting services, control, operations, monitoring, measuring, and reporting. Wordcount: 1340

23.File: 01 Documenting Roles.doc - Summary: While a role may be specific to a single process, in delivering services to the customer, several processes may be in effect: effective role development ensures that people performing a specific role for different processes are not conflicting, even when a person is fulfilling two process roles simultaneously. Wordcount: 2112

24.File: 02 Service Desk Skills.doc - Summary: For instance, a Service Desk Analyst on a Skilled or Expert Service Desk (Level 3 Apply) may also be applying the skill sets on the same responsibility level for IT operations, problem management, configuration management, and service level management in varying degrees. Wordcount: 2418

25.File: 03 Telephone Skills Standards - Service Desk.doc - Summary: While performance measures like First Call Resolution may put considerable pressure on the Service Desk to contain all communications with the end-user to between the customer and the Service Desk, there are frequent times when incidents and service requests have to be referred or escalated to a subject matter expert outside the Service Desk. Wordcount: 2556

26.File: 05 Internal Job Application for Job.doc - Summary: This can often be discouraging to internal employees and decrease the appeal of internal applications because the candidate base can be much larger than with the previous approach: internal job applicants may determine that more qualified individuals can be found externally and it would be a waste of time to apply.Wordcount: 1476

27.File: 06 Job Candidate Evaluation.doc - Summary: Every IT department must deal with the management of human resources; often from a perspective not taken by non-IT departments: while human resource management for IT is not different from human resource management for non-IT, it has additional considerations to take into account. Wordcount: 1328

28.File: 07 Organizational Behavior Survey.doc - Summary: If there is only a small difference between three or four scores, then this indicates that you have no clear perception of the way your organization behaves, or the organization's behavior is highly variable.Wordcount: 1564

29.File: 08 Managing Change Effectively.doc - Summary: The purpose of this document is to work you through the general creation process, but the document also serves as a template for creating your own process or procedure in your own organization. Wordcount: 1691

30.File: 09 Organizational Change.doc - Summary: To ensure that motivation is retained, changes are accepted and the program stays on track to reach the desired long-term goals, those responsible for the change should plan for and target a range of goals, including short-term, medium-term and long-term wins. Wordcount: 2199

This toolkit includes a variety of electronic documents that provide a head start for the implementation, management, education and awareness for It Service Management.

The kit is designed for those who need or are looking for awareness or skills, but simply don't have time to develop the necessary templates and structure for the implementation.

The kit serves to act as a starting point. It will give you a clear path to travel. It is designed to be a valuable source of information and activities.

The It Service Management toolkit:

1. Contains 30 ready to use documents covering the Preparing, Planning, Designing, Implementing, Operating and Optimizing of It Service Management

2. Is scalable to any size and type of project or organization

3. Provides blueprints, templates and documents - ready to download and apply

4. Saves you time and budget


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