Integrated Risk Management Standard Requirements

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Integrated Risk Management Power Questions:

  • Model where risk management should start.

  • Identify risks and mitigation.

  • Oversee which of the risks are the highest priority.

An arsenal of powerful questions that will transform every Integrated Risk Management conversation:


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Bonus: ALSO contains all 1001 questions in a plain Text File so you can import the questions in the technology of your choice and easily copy into documents, briefs, emails or other communication, giving you flexibility of use.


How is an integrated risk management process consistently applied in all areas and at all levels and is there ongoing consultation with internal and external stakeholders?

How would you rate your IRM overall in terms of its level of automation of document/work production, compared to the most automated practice area/ department within it?

Do line managers comprehensively define expected costs and benefits of IRM improvement projects, focusing the greatest attention on mission critical outcomes?

Do senior executives behavior and activities demonstrate that importance is placed on IRM strategies, activities, and IT applications as key management areas?

Have senior executives helped overcome difficulties encountered in linking mission performance problems to IRM strategies. activities, and IT applications?

Are large deals meeting the hurdle rates for different risk profiles, or is business for a particular segment meeting its targeted risk adjusted returns?

Do senior executives use benchmarking or self evaluation results in formulating a strong business case for IRM decision making in your organization?

Has your organization correctly identified and assessed its strategic risks including sustainability risks in the context of its risk appetite?

Do assurance providers have the skill set and trust to deal with the increased complexity presented by emerging risks and new realities?

Do line managers view themselves as accountable for the effective application of information technology and for the overall IRM program?

...and much more, 1001 prescriptive questions inspiring greatness.


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