Project Risk Management Standard Requirements

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Project Risk Management Power Questions:

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  • Formalize how a project risk management plan is used.

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What happens if during a project risk assessment you identify a threat where the potential negative impact would be outside the scope of the project?

Has your organization taken or planned action to manage the general and regulatory risks and/or adapt to the physical risks you have identified?

Has the project team documented the initial business requirements for the project beyond the business objectives listed in the project charter?

Does the scope of the project address modular and/or incremental delivery, each with clear business scope and business case, where appropriate?

Does the project have a clearly defined and documented business case that demonstrates measurable and tangible benefit to your organization?

What is the probability that the collection and management of the projects requirements will cause problems or delays in the project?

Has a product planning methodology been chosen appropriate for the complexity of the solution and the knowledge of the project team?

How much contingency in time and cost is needed to provide your organization with its desired degree of confidence in the results?

Does fulfilling the customer request involve making a compromise in product performance along a primary dimension of performance?

Do all the people who have a stake in the project agree on what the project should deliver and how it will benefit the business

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