Vendor Risk Management Standard Requirements

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Vendor Risk Management Power Questions:

  • Redesign how you manage your vendors access

  • Evaluate vendors who completed the required risk assessment

  • Review the effectiveness of a vendors compliance program

An arsenal of powerful questions that will transform every Vendor Risk Management conversation:


  1. Vendor Risk Management Checklist Report on DATA.pdf

  2. Vendor Risk Management Checklist Report on MANAGEMENT.pdf

  3. Vendor Risk Management Checklist Report on ORGANIZATION.pdf

  4. Vendor Risk Management Checklist Report on RISK.pdf

  5. Vendor Risk Management Checklist Report on SECURITY.pdf

  6. Vendor Risk Management Checklist Report on SERVICE.pdf

  7. Vendor Risk Management Checklist Report on SOFTWARE.pdf

  8. Vendor Risk Management Checklist Report on VENDOR.pdf

Bonus: ALSO contains all 1078 questions in a plain Text File so you can import the questions in the technology of your choice and easily copy into documents, briefs, emails or other communication, giving you flexibility of use.


Do you look for vendors whose solutions are designed to facilitate your objectives. Do solutions promote efficiencies, reduce costs, mitigate compliance related risks and speed time to market?

What specific staging, readiness and deployment techniques will the vendor use to determine the proper sequencing of deployment processes and functions required for successful implementation?

What restrictions/allowances for remote access by users; any modem requirements for vendor or technical support; how should any remote access by controlled, logged, and monitored?

Does the vendors crisis management plan include timely customer notification to allow the customer time to effectively respond to a potential interruption of goods and services?

How does management ensure that due diligence is performed prior to changing third party product or service providers, as software vendors or third party audit providers?

What are the vendors standards, policies, and procedures relating to internal controls, record maintenance, background checks and physical security of its operations?

What are the risks to your organization if a vendors data center is flooded or if the owner of the source code for one of its key applications goes out of business?

Are strategic goals at risk of being derailed by an unfortunate combination of unprepared vendors and insufficient internal resiliency and contingency planning?

Does management take timely and appropriate follow up action on communications received from customers, vendors, regulators, or other external parties?

Does the vendor/service provider assist with notification of your customers in the event of a data breach and your product solution is the root cause?


...and much more, 1078 prescriptive questions inspiring greatness.


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