Big Data Toolkit

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Reap The 4 Big Data Benefits:

  1. Big Data can unlock significant value by making information transparent. 
  2. Big Data allows ever-narrower segmentation of customers and therefore much more precisely tailored products or services.
  3. Sophisticated analytics can substantially improve decision-making, minimize risks, and unearth valuable insights that would otherwise remain hidden.
  4. Big Data can be used to develop the next generation of products and services.

The Art of Service has designed this toolkit to introduce Big Data concepts and provide you with the tools to successfully create a workable Big Data culture in your organization. We provide you with step-by-step guides, templates, and best practice examples that will enable you to meet this challenge head on.


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Leverage the benefits of Big Data, the new competitive advantage. 

Data intimidation is a thing of the past, as we make way for the age of Big Data. The use of a new strain of analytical tools designed to manage the vast quantity of data produced by companies around the world, known as Big Data, is on the verge of becoming a vital and well-known application in all leading businesses.

Big Data is a revolutionary trend that has taken over the IT world. For the first time, it has us thinking about how to collect and analyze more data, rather than wanting to reduce data completely. Data intimidation is long gone as we welcome data increases in order to gain a deeper insight into our businesses and embrace company growth.

BUT where do you begin? What are the benefits and goals?  How can you get your managers on board to support and promote this function? How do you manage the different requests and expectations of your users? What staff should be involved? What kind of KPIs and measures are involved? What documentation do you need? 

This toolkit provides answers to all these questions and is designed to provide a guiding hand to assist you in improving your knowledge and understanding of Big Data by offering a step-by-step, easy to follow roadmap. It also includes easy to use templates, assessments, presentations, and documents that can be adapted to your organization's requirements. 

The Art of Service has designed this toolkit to introduce Big Data concepts and provide you with the tools to successfully create a workable Big Data culture in your organization.

The PowerPoint presentations can be used to educate staff as the basis for management presentations or when making business cases for implementation.

The supporting documents and templates will help you identify the areas within your organization that require the most activity in terms of change and improvement, and will provide a starting point when designing and implementing new designs, policies, and procedures.

The additional resources will enable you to improve your organization’s Big Data understanding and knowledge base.

The Complete Toolkit Includes:

  • Big Data Toolkit
    • Toolkit Roadmap for Big Data.doc
    • Big Data Introduction Presentation.ppt
    • Big Data Development Process.doc
    • Understanding Big Data.ppt
    • Data Storage for Big Data.ppt
    • Begin with the Data for Big Data.ppt
    • Data Analytics for Big Data.ppt
  • Big Data Design Documents
    • Big Data-Availability Requirements.doc
    • Big Data-Cost Model Template.xls
    • Big Data-Detailed Design.doc
    • Big Data-Functional Design.doc
    • Big Data-Hardware-Software Resource Requirements.doc
    • Big Data-Interface Design Specification.doc
    • Big Data-Technical Architecture.doc
    • Big Data-Security Service Requirement.doc
  • Big Data Infrastructure Support Documents
    • Big Data-AS-BUILT Template.doc
    • Big Data-Business Continuity Strategy.doc
    • Big Data-Component Failure Impact Analysis Worksheet.doc
    • Big Data-Emergency Response Plan.doc
    • Big Data-Service Outage Analysis.doc
  • Big Data Project Initiation Documents
    • Big Data-Budgeting Guidelines.doc
    • Big Data-Business Plan.doc
    • Big Data-Business Requirements and Feasibility Study.doc
    • Big Data-Change Management Process.doc
    • Big Data-Charging Policies.doc
    • Big Data-Charging Template.xls
    • Big Data-Project Initiation.doc
    • Big Data-Project Scope.doc
    • Big Data-Request for Change Form.doc
    • Big Data-Risk Assessment Template.doc
    • Big Data-Risk Register.xls
    • Big Data-Service Based SLA.doc
  • Big Data Bonus Documents



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